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Please, Daddy…Don’t! – Scenes Pt 1

In the beginning…of her young life, anyway…there was very little that was good. Cecile lived in a dysfunctional family plagued by alcohol, violence, and abuse. The baby of the family, she should have been doted upon and made to feel … Continue reading

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Drugs Stole My Daughters – How I Learned to Cope

Credit: Shutterstock / Andrii Kondiuk Let me guess. Even in your worst nightmares you never imagined addiction would be on your own doorstep. After all, it’s something that happens to other people’s children, not yours. That’s what I thought, too…until … Continue reading

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Sailing sometimes involves pigs

Like any other school morning I was walking my three-year-old down the back steps of our house. It rained the night before and the five wooden steps were wet with pooled water. I was wearing shoes with good tread on … Continue reading

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Eight years without an argument

“You’ve been married eight years and never agued with your husband? No way!” I get this reaction almost every time I mention the fact that my husband and I have yet to argue in more than eight years of marriage. … Continue reading

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