A Glimpse of You

A Glimpse of You

(If only for a little while)

We were excited with the news

that you would come to be.

For months we dreamed, we planned and wished,

and waited patiently.

But fatefully you’d never know

the love we had to give

because your small life was cut short.You would not breathe or live.

The news just crushed our hearts and minds;

we couldn’t think or breathe

when we learned that you’d quickly come

and suddenly would leave.

Our family gathered all its strength

though not much strength remained.

We welcomed you with feelings mixed;

joy, love, and anguished pain.

We loved you, marveled at your face,

Your tiny hands and feet,

then laid your little body down

until again we’d meet.

We’re now the keepers of your flame.

We’ll love you ever more.

We never will forget your name.

You’ve touched us to the core.

Of us you’ll always be a part

that time can’t dim, it seems.

You’ll always live within our hearts,

our minds, our thoughts, our dreams.

About Rachel Scott

A native of Southewestern Louisiana, I now live in rural Georgia after stints in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Montana, and Europe. After much trial and error I have found and married the love of my life. We have four adult children, a four year old, and five grandchildren. Our lives are centered around family, faith, friends and our fainting goats hobby farm.
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